Senior Research Fellow, Healthy Learning

Sam Relins

Sam is a Research Fellow based at the Bradford Institute for Health Research with a special interest in data science applied statistics and machine learning. He is working on the DATA1 project that falls under the ActEarly Healthy Learning theme. DATA1 aims to unlock the power of connecting data from the many children’s services in Bradford that are traditionally “siloed” from one another, leveraging this huge data source to identify and help children at risk of adverse outcomes. Sam is currently using these connected data to study the identification and diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders, drawing on data from Bradford’s primary schools, children’s social services and primary healthcare services. A graduate of Mathematics & Financial Management from Sheffield University, Sam began his career with 5 years working as an Investment Representative at a stockbrokers. In late 2018, he left to embark upon a self-directed curriculum of computer programming and data science, culminating in an award for his contribution to the Kaggle Covid-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge. He then participated in the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA) Data Science internship, working in close partnership with the Bradford Institute for Health Research. His work included building machine learning models to predict outcomes in a paediatric acute care service, and statistical modelling of poor dental health outcomes using Early Year’s Foundation Stage Profile Scoring. He has also participated in studies relating to Artificial Intelligence and Reinforcement Learning with the Alan Turing Institute and Bradford transport infrastructure with University of Leeds.

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