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April 2020

People-powered research: but what actually is it?

By Our blog

Our vibrant communities are at the heart of the ActEarly city collaboratory approach

As John mentioned in his last blog post, our communities are at the heart of ActEarly. If we’re going to achieve sustainable changes in health and our ‘systems’ that promote health then we need to start in harnessing the views and creativity of our citizens. We like to think of the ActEarly project as ‘people-powered’. Co-production and citizen science are the key underpinning approaches which will ensure we achieve this genuine partnership with our communities and stakeholders. But what do we mean by co-production and citizen science? As we’ve started our ActEarly journey we’ve realised that these terms mean many different things to many different people! So our first job has been to spend time defining exactly what we mean by ‘people powered research’ and the values and principles that we want to follow. All of us within the co-production and citizen science group come at our respective practices with a set of varied and diverse experiences, but with some core principles that keep us motivated and focussed on doing our work in a particular way. They can be boiled down to: empowerment and equality, shared knowledge, and meaningful involvement. Read More