Healthy Livelihoods

Working to stop children starting life in poverty

The Healthy Livelihoods theme is working to develop and evaluate a range of interventions to support child, young people and family wellbeing and opportunities, in Bradford and Tower Hamlets.

This includes initiatives across areas such as income, learning, skills, engagement and control over community resources, with a view to designing interventions that support families’ material resources.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit our communities hard and has impacted on some of our work over the last 12 months, providing both challenges and opportunities.Some of our planned research has not progressed due to lockdown or social distance measures, but other projects have been adapted to provide valuable new insights into the effects of COVID-19 on families and young people.

Some of our work so far includes:

Young families and pregnant women

The COVID-19 pandemic led to our project looking at the impact of the pandemic on families with children under five and pregnant women in Tower Hamlets. This included a survey of 1600 families, a qualitative longitudinal panel of 20 households, and a community assets map of changes to services for families during the summer of 2020. We were also funded to undertake some work around adapting to COVID-19 with pregnant women and new mothers in ‘The Born in Bradford 2020 Families Study’. 

Mapping community assets

We are developing a visualisation of the community assets map from social enterprise Mapping for Change.

Unconditional Allowance for Young Adults

Our plan for a trial of Universal Basic Income (UBI) among young adults to understand how it impacts health and wellbeing outcomes has  local support and we are working with Lancaster University and colleagues at the The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) to secure funding for work on UBI to promote wellbeing.

Welfare benefits

Despite COVID-19 disruption we have started our project to deliver welfare benefit advice in maternity care services.

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