Citizen Science & Co-Production

Background: ActEarly is committed to genuine co-production with users in order to achieve acceptable, feasible, evaluable, replicable, and sustainable systems interventions with real impact. This approach is informed by learning from the successful work over 10 years in Bradford. We will engage policymakers, third sector organisations and our public using Citizen Science methods of community engagement and prioritization in an Asset Based Community Development approach to sustainable community-driven change, building on work already started.

Community empowerment is at the heart of our ActEarly ‘City Collaboratory’ approach. We know that real, and lasting changes will only happen if communities have an equal say in decisions that are made about their health and wellbeing, along with health professionals, local councils and other key stakeholders. Our co-production and citizen science theme will ensure that communities have a strong voice in shaping the decisions that affect them.

Plans for the theme: Our ActEarly Collaboratory model consists of a multistep interactive cycle that places local communities at the heart of decision making, and connects academic expertise with real-world policymakers. This cycle consists of:

  • raising ideas and identifying priorities within communities
  • working with communities to gather more information about things they would like to change
  • bringing communities together with decision makers to co-produce new ways of improving health and wellbeing in their neighbourhoods
  • Seeing how these work in practice

We plan to use a range of different approaches to engage with communities and stakeholders. These include regular workshops and community outreach events, ‘citizen science’ activities, from contributory modes of data collection to more collaborative and co-created activities, and structured community workgroups to progress innovative ideas into actual change.

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