Senior Research Fellow, Healthy Places

Adriana Ortegon

Adriana is a researcher at the Centre for Transport Studies at University College London with more than 10 years of experience researching topics related to sustainable mobility and wellbeing. Working with colleagues at the Space Syntax Lab in The Bartlett School of Architecture, Adriana supports the ActEarly Healthy Places theme on understanding how cities through their built environment, at the neighbourhood and street level, can have an impact on children’s health and wellbeing. Her work combines qualitative and quantitative methods to assess the link between the built environment, including the access to amenities and services, and children’s physical activity and subjective wellbeing. Before joining ActEarly, she was involved in various projects in Peru, Colombia, Panama, and Cuba planning and assessing active travel and low-carbon transport policies. She worked closely with planning authorities and the community to build capacity and empower citizens with tools for transformative action.

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Rachel Benchekroun

Sociologist and Ethnographer, Healthy Livelihoods

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