Senior Policy Fellow

Amy Barnes

Amy is a Senior Policy Fellow working with ActEarly. Amy works in participatory ways with government, voluntary sector organisations, civil society groups and academics to mobilise knowledge to address inequality and improve people’s wellbeing. This includes supporting ‘real-time’ research and co-producing knowledge to support everyone’s learning and implementation. Amy is working particularly within the Healthy Livelihoods theme, focusing on research-to-policy work to prevent children starting life in poverty. Amy has 15 years of experience in leading, implementing and monitoring a range of policy-relevant research programmes; working with stakeholders in the UK and internationally on topics including: community action to address inequality, public involvement and coproduction in local commissioning, creating an inclusive economy, global health aid, and government action to improve food environments.

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In each of these areas, we are working with local communities, local authorities and other national organisations to understand how we can help families live healthier and more active lives.

Rachel Benchekroun

Sociologist and Ethnographer, Healthy Livelihoods

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