Research Fellow, Food and Healthy Weight

Sonia Pombo

Sonia joined ActEarly as a researcher in August 2022. Sonia is a qualified nutritionist with 10 years’ experience working in public health for research and advocacy group Action on Salt. Sonia oversees the organisation’s delivery of the UK salt and sugar reduction work, independently monitoring the food sector through the publication of high quality technical reports to encourage food reformulation for improved population health. Crucial to her work is the translation of evidence and dissemination to relevant stakeholders, from policy, NGO, health professionals and the public. Sonia will be working with local communities and authorities to establish key contributors of salt, sugar and saturated fat in children living in Tower Hamlets and work towards improving the food environment through achievable and sustainable changes in the nutritional profile of packaged food and drink.

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Rachel Benchekroun

Sociologist and Ethnographer, Healthy Livelihoods

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