Evaluation Group

Background: Finding out what works and for whom is a key aspect of ActEarly.  We therefore have a dedicated group to ensure that we are able to deliver on high quality, innovative and robust evaluation of the whole City Collaboratory and individual projects.  The group includes a multi-disciplinary team of leading experts in different methodological approaches, including epidemiology, clinical trials, qualitative research, quasi-experimental approaches, simulation and modelling. Through engagement with all partners, a key role of the theme is to ensure research questions and protocols are meaningful, realistic and have potential to make a difference to the communities we work in.

Plans for the Evaluation group: The Evaluation group is focused on the identification of outcomes, core outcomes and data to ensure robust and consistent evaluation.  Our ‘Research on Research’ is already well established, having started this during the grant development stage.  In this, we are assessing the process of delivering ActEarly on networks and collaborations through qualitative research and systems mapping.  We have also developed a process of supporting partners and core themes in the design of project evaluation.

Contact details:
Dr Maria Bryant: maria.bryant@york.ac.uk

Evaluation Group structure

Evaluation Group Scoping Diagram